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At the Taj Mahal all the spices are handled with all the expertise required to exquisitely balance the vintage aromas and flavors of the cuisine to enable the connoisseur to enjoy his or her meal. Enjoy our Lunch Buffet for $9.50 (11:30am-2:30pm) or our extensive dinner buffet for $16.50 (5:30pm-9:30pm), check out our menu tell us your favorites!

*Enjoy a delicious meal and share great moments with great friends! Look forward to seeing you soon!


Garlic Naan

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Oven baked flat bread made of super fine flour dough baked in an authentic Tandoor clay oven


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Delicious cone shaped pastry stuffed with savory seasoned potatoes and peas.

Bombay Shrimp Curry

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 Shrimp cooked w/bell peppers in spicy curry sauce.


Chicken Tikka Masala

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Chunks of chicken roasted in a clay oven and then folded into a tomato cream sauce.

Appetizer Platter

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Assorted sample of Pakora(fried vegetable fritters), Kabobs,  Aloo Tikki (Potatoes vegetable potatoes),  Samosa, Chicken Tikka

Chicken Biryani

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 Basmati rice flavored w/saffron; cooked with w/chicken in a delicate blend of herbs & spices


Ice Cream

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Mango Ice Cream (Lush tropical fruit makes a refreshing  ice- cream), Kulfi (saffron, and cinnamon topped w/pistachios), Mango Lassi (A cool mango yogurt smoothie)

Gulab Jamun

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Golden fried milk pastry soaked In sweet saffron syrup & served warm

Carrot Halwa

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Caramelized grated carrots, topped off w/ pistachios



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